The first time I thought I wanted to be a boy was when I was 8 years old. Words like “gender” or “trans” were still really far from my understanding, but I just KNEW it would have been better if I was born as a male.

I fell in love for the first time when I was 14, with a girl. I then started wondering wether I was straight or lesbian. I never thought about bi-sexuality, as I was never attracted to men. I just saw myself as a tomboy, although at the back of mind, I started thinking maybe I was trans. 
So I cut my hair, and that little action made a huge difference. I suddenly realized I was gender-queer. Half boy, half girl. Sometimes just boy, sometimes just girl. Sometimes both. Sometime non. I played, I thought, I learned.

I’m about to join the army, who recognized me as transgender soldier and will begin my hormone treatment soon.

I really hope that the world will move forward with the whole human rights issues, and especially for LGBT’s, that we will receive the recognition and protection we deserve, just like anyone else. Suicide rates among the transgender community are 4 times higher than the rest of the world.

Liron ErelComment