Jess & Willy held their beautiful wedding at Camp Kinder Ring in the beautiful Hudson Valley, just 1.5 hours away from NYC. They were surrounded by their close friends & families who shined their love upon them all day long. After getting ready in the camp’s rustic cabins they saw each other for the first time of the day right before the ceremony. I was scouting for a First Look location during preparations and found this beautifully hidden corner between the cabins with a perfect natural green backdrop and soft, natural light. They were both super excited to see each other. We walked around the camp taking photos while enjoying the laid back atmosphere and before we knew it, it was ceremony time. Jess & Willy held a modern Jewish wedding ceremony, mixing traditions such as 7 blessings, breaking of the glass and the Seven Circles, which traditionally is only done by the groom but on this occasion, was done by both bride & groom and then both of them at the same time. It was my first time witnessing such a beautiful act of love and I was left speechless.
Once ceremony was over, during sunset the guest walked to the outdoor Cocktail Hour location and enjoyed delicious food & drinks, beautiful & funny moments with the bride & groom. I love shooting Cocktail hour moments with the bride & groom present as this is the first time of the day they get to enjoy their guests, grab a drink and have some well deserved fun after the preparations & wedding ceremony. We then all went inside for the reception where Jess & Willy had their first dance, followed by a kick ass wedding party, mixing the b&g’s personal music taste with some traditional Jewish Horah music which obviously gave me some amazing & funny moments to capture.